Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a Start!

Everything is incredible! I cannot believe I've only been here a couple days, I already feel like I've been here for longer, but that's a good thing. I feel so welcomed already. I've met some of Gracia's family and they are very nice even though her little cousin bit my leg.. twice. jaja está bien. The sights and sounds are so facinating, it seems like everything is always alive. My room is on the inside of the building and I look down into a courtyard, so I get to hear the comotion that is all around. 
Gracia has already taken me to Jockey Plaza, which I was completely lost in because of its size!! But it was also really cool; we took a tiny little "micro" bus to get there and I definitely notice that size does matter, because I'm almost too tall for those things! But we all fit well enough. At least this mode of transportation does not terrify me as much as the taxis- those things are absolutely crazy!! There are no turn signals and only when the pedestrian signals turn on do they stop it seems. And the amount of time that is allowed to cross is ridiculous- you can get up to 80 seconds. Anyways it's always an exciting time to drive. We also took a quick tour around el Centro, which is where there is a cathedral and government buildings, plus lots of shopping!! 
Yesterday we all got to meet up and tour the school as a whole group. It was entertaining to talk English with one another, we were a little rusty and had some toruble remembering the English words! But the campus was fun to explore and we met the coordinators who are extremely helpful! The campus seems huge and at the same time so small because the buildings are so tall it seems giant! But then it's not spaced out like in Kearney. But it was fun to go to orientation and then sort of start classes, Dr. Aviles let us out early after giving us the run-down of how the class would go. 

I'm just getting ready to go exlpore some more with Jose before we have to go to class at 2, but I'm so excited to just meander around and see what other goodies we can find!

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