Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Adventures of the Week.

These last few days have been crazy awesome! Even though it took around two hours to get the beach we were wanting it was spectacular the whole way; although I think it took like half an hour getting out of Lima on the highway. People are crazy, my parents think I’m a terrible driver, but the people here don’t even pay attention to the lanes, I believe there was suppose to be 4 and there were definitely about 5 ½ made on the road! I was so pumped that once we got out of Lima after while I could see the ocean and I asked which beach we were going to and they just replied that it would be a while before we made it there, much to my dismay. However, once we got there it was fantastic! We went to Cerro Azul (Blue Hill) where Jose’s family has a restaurant and the rest of his family- they just opened December 31st so it’s a very new place, but from what I’ve seen they are doing awesome! The first thing we did was walk on the pier which was ridiculous! It went out quite a long ways and there was one spot that you could go down a few steps and be on the platform above the ocean, and just in case we fell there was a nice rope to climb up on next to the platform =). Once we got onto the beach, it was crazy (and I now have high expectations for all other beaches I may encounter lol) because there were so many people selling so many things and they walked the beach and came to you! There was even a restaurant or two that brought their full menu down and then brought out full feasts for people to eat. Anyways, the second was extremely fun too because after lying out and enjoying the sun and water Jose and I climbed the small hills that overlooked the ocean! It was absolutely breathtaking!
Another adventure we got to enjoy was seeing the celebration of Peru! There was a whole week of festivities that were held to commemorate Lima’s anniversary. There was a whole parade on one of the nights that went around the entire Plaza de Armas. There was a stage with bands, dancers, and singers in the middle of the plaza and then around it different aspects were celebrated. The parade was very much so interactive; the people dressed as political figures got people to dance with them on the street. AND I noticed that they gave out food instead of candy as treats. Plus, there were thousands of people lining every side of the plaza and street that they could.
A Llama

Different types of Llama and Alpaca

The orange bird is a Gallito de las Rocas.  

First baby Zebra I've ever seen 

Political Figure who had been mocking the police woman. 

Flaminco Dancing. 

Dance of the Scissors. He actually put his foot in his mouth and danced too.

The Devil who blew me many kisses

Platform I was mentioning. 

The rocks/hills we climbed in Cerro Azul

Friday we got to go to the zoo with our friends we play fĂștbol with (Parque de las Leyendas). It’s such a huge zoo that we only saw about half of it. But the jungle was my favorite anyway, which is where we started. They have so many different types of eagles and predator birds, and the monkeys here are so tiny! They are awesome! The zoo was pretty spectacular and a lot of the exhibits we could get pretty close to the animals. The orange bird is a Gallito de las Rocas.  

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