Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Surprises.

These last couple weeks have gone so fast! Between reading and going through homework and occupying my time with the friends I've made I can't keep track of the days. Last weekend we were treated to one of the cathedrals close to el Centro. Raul took us to see the Catacumbas and el Catedral de San Francisco. It was such an awesome tour, however we weren't suppose to take pictures (I believe it's so I have to buy postcards lol but that's okay). And I just happened to click my camera on three separate occasions while on the tour and our guide wasn't looking, as you will see below. But honestly, I thought a lot of the tour was based upon the Catacombs, but on top of them there were so many places and rooms to see. There were different rooms for the priests to discuss topic in and a library. But the alters in the rooms were stunning, I could not have imagined them. And the details in everything was so cool, behind each chair was a reseamblance of each priest. We also saw the Last Supper, Peruvian style. There was cuy (guinea pig) and chile peppers on the table. And the devil was talking to Judas, so it was a little different. The tiled walls and the ceilings were of wood but not a nail, glue, or anything was used to keep it together only pressure. After the tour, there was a special mass held (to our delight) and we stayed to listen and take pictures of the different alters around the catheral. Raul said this one was one of the smaller ones, and that the bigger ones were about 2 or 3 times larger! I can't wait to see those. Raul and I were also talking about the different aspects of the church, and apparently green is the color of hope here in Peru. But the atmosphere in the church was mind-blowing, everything was alive.
But come to find out, not only was the cathedral alive, but el Centro was booming! There was a parade all around the plaza with thousands of dancers and bands. Raul found a couple dancers who were just getting done and asked if they would take a picture with us. It was hilarious, not only did Raul get a couple pictures but other people around stopped and took them too! And that was only the beginning, the parade was a slow progress one and as we walked around, if the dancers were stopped Raul would ask them to take pictures. I believe we did this for about 40 min! And everyone loved it!! The costumes and the people were so creative; and they were definitley having a lot of fun even in the heat. After this fast pace moment, we got to relax a little as we toured the city hall building just next to the plaza, and on the second floor we could look down on the dancers, which gave a whole new prospective of the parade.

On another note, I'm still feeling "shy" if you will, but I feel much more confident in my Spanish. While trying to get a box from my parents I was apparently lucky enough to have my box searched randomly. I tried searching it through the Peruvian mail system and thought I had the right place so when we went, the lady said it hadn't arrived nor had anything for a few days.. So after talking with the International Office corrdinator we found it in another Serpost place. So Raul (my lifesaver) took him to get it the next day. Three hours later.. and after watching them open it and reseal it, I got my box! I was so excited. But the other thing that was extremely exciting for the day was that Raul and I got to have a three hour conversation, and since he doesn't know much Spanish to ask me things, I got to explain everything in Spanish. This is one of the humps I needed to get over; I feel so much better now. It's awesome! And speaking of Peruvian freinds, I met a girl that is graduating cosmetology school this semester. She needs a model for her final project show and I get to be hers! SO next week I get to be pampered with hair, makeup, nails, and the works! I'm so excited to help her out. And its based on superheroes, so we'll see what I'll be! haha. So many surprises around the corner I can't believe it sometimes. I feel as though this is all just a dream, but I love it!

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